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Legendary Soul Hunters
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Legendary Soul Hunters
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GoatNamedFelicia   registered to Legendary Soul Hunters
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Matt   uploaded 2 images to Tier 20
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TebrynAnd so falls H-ToS. Congrats everyone :)
Nereeza   Congrats everyone!
Matt   added 30 Advanced days to Legendary Soul Hunters
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Eadyth   Why dont I see a place to do this anymore
Hamarf   i took it off the homepage because we were looking to go to the free version. I can add it back if that is what people want to do
Eadyth   I guess we don't really use the forum *all* that much. Anymore, so it doesn't bug me all that much.
Matt   uploaded 2 images to Tier 20
TweedleumWoah, where did everyone go?!
Zrel   oh hey there stranger, we moved the guild to aerie peak a few weeks ago in an attempt to recruit more bodies as it just wasnt happening on velen.
Tweedleum   Lol, I saw that! how has it been going there? I've been wanting to play again. but I need a computer to be able to enjoy it and to find time. I hope to come back at some point though.

Hope all is well with everyone!
EadythGreat week so far everyone, 2 progression bosses. Let's get a 3rd tonight and get some KJ attempts!
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mayhemmonkNormal Kil jaeden if we got enough people on tonight?
Matt   uploaded an image to Tier 20
demo   registered to Legendary Soul Hunters
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HamarfThanks for putting those up here Matt. i have them cycling through the slideshow now instead of tier 19
Eadyth   What FONT is that
Matt   uploaded 4 images to Tier 20
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mayhemmonkGreat job tonight everyone, hopefully get a few more tomorrow night. Next boss seems like she is going to take a few pulls.
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Hamarf   It was one hell of a night. Great job everyone!!!. I will be posting kill videos within the next couple days also
Eadyth   She actually didn't feel too bad to me. I'm sure hydra shot will get progressively worse in the later phases.
EadythTomb tonight, get excited
fruítninja and Vezerix registered to Legendary Soul Hunters
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